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Ruslan Godgory Kadiev

Inward Shift Coaching

A transformative space where you 



Look in the mirror...

Drop your burdens...

Take on healthy risks...

And create a life worth living.

Professional Life Coaching for men and women who don't want regrets

She understands the human experience at a depth that no other coach I’ve had could match...

About Me



Unfinished Business | Spiritual Growth | Transition Periods | Emotional Healing | Lifestyle Changes | Healthy Risk-Taking | Connecting with Nature | Self-Integration

Hi guys, welcome to my little nook of the internet. Born and raised in New York, my travels have taken me to many states & countries, with many different people and cultures. My focus in life has largely been on human nature and spirituality. By observing and studying my self and others I learned a lot about mental, behavioral, and motivational patterns & the learning and transformation process we continuously undergo (or resist). Formerly a school psychologist and currently a student of yoga, the 'a-ha' moment to start coaching took place in India in 2017.


This work has given me an outlet for creative expression and deep human connection. To offer a space where you can truly be you in a world that doesn't often accept this. Outdoor coaching where we incorporate nature is my favorite. But I most enjoy working with you to identify and resolve those things you know you would regret not addressing --- 'burdens', 'healthy risks', or just simply knowing your self more beyond the social & environmental conditioning (i.e. your 'unfinished business').


I have been doing the same too my entire life and found that many others also question 'what else is there'. And wish to live at ease and feel complete, but sometimes get stuck. So, wherever you're reading this in the world, take the chance, Finish Your Business, and create a 'life worth living'. Cheers.



Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Deep Transformational Coach
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A coach brings you to the very edge of your comfort zone, let's you have a glimpse of what might be on the other side, then encourages you to step into the unknown


About Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching is extensive and versatile. It is best for those who want to expand their insight and capabilities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. And who want to engage in a nurturing and challenging partnership to do so. We collaborate, with you being the expert who leads the way, and you reach goals you might not otherwise achieve on your own.

What makes this kind of coaching different is that you will go beyond simple changes in thought, behavior, and habit. You will meet with your more real self. The one you don't often speak with, but who knows exactly what you came 'here' for and what you still need to complete. 

The one that will take you more deeply inward to heal your wounds or ignite your courage. The one who -- upon speaking with -- will trigger irreversible 'shifts' within you that further catalyze the transformation you continuously yearn for. The one your very existence is based upon.  

Some Topics We Can Partner On:

Self-Care | Spiritual Yearning | Work/Life Balance | Taking Healthy Risks | Healing the Parent Wound | Confidence Post-Breakup | Imposter Syndrome | Getting Rid of 'Baggage' | Empty-Nest | Mid-Life Crisis | Exploring Identity | Post-Addiction Life | Identifying Values & Principles | Strengthening the Masculine/Feminine | Existential Inquiry


Whether it's conquering a fear of not being good enough, taking the leap into a new venture or lifestyle, healing from a broken relationship, serving the world in a more principled way, or knowing more of who you really are -- we pinpoint it, explore it, & set out to clear it or enact it.

 So ask yourself...

What repeats in your daydreams or keeps you up at night?

What will make you truly happy and leave here with no regrets?

Ways to receive coaching


Short-term Options

A 1:1 Zoom Transformation Session or outdoor Coaching in Motion session gives you a dose of what this style of coaching is like. 


Or book a free 60 minute Zoom Meet&Greet first -- to be introduced, discuss what you're seekingand have your questions answered.



A private online or in-person group workshop that is introspective, insightful, and propelling.


We delve into identifying your top remaining life priorities and the values and habits that will help you 'Finish Your Business' and move closer to feeling complete. 


Customized Packages

More sessions equals more depth and progress. If you enjoyed your Meet & Greet or initial 1:1 session and we're a good fit, we can discuss meeting more frequently.


Everything is personalized to your needs and goals.

What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me.

Helen Keller


Thanks for reaching out. Keep an eye out for a response.

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