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Private Workshop

Change the Script™

  • 4 hours
  • ***Zoom call: Click "View in my time zone" before booking.

Service Description

* When was the last time you took a genuine, steady look at your self? The kind where you acknowledge your priorities, limiting views, excuses, and grit to do something about it. *************** * This workshop is a much needed pause button that offers you the time, space, and support to turn your attention inward and connect more with the personal intricacies you've neglected or are unaware of. *************** * It’s one-on-one, online, and 4 hours. It also includes an optional add-on for 3 donation-based private sessions (90 min each). *************** * A group workshop may also be available from time to time, or if requested. See “upcoming events” page for more details. *************** ** Note to parents and educators: There's an online student version too. "Change the Script™: Get clear-headed, Get results". Use homepage contact form for more details. ***************

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