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With no exaggeration, KB is the greatest coach I’ve ever had. She understands the human experience at a depth that no other coach I’ve had could match and that means she can support true life changing transformation, not simply fleeting awareness but a true shift in being. There is an intricate nuance to truly transforming, awareness can be gained but to integrate and shift is a different matter. Her coaching is very experiential and allowed me to embody, feel and shift within sessions. To tap into and listen to different parts of myself I’d not met before. I started off coaching with KB in a disconcerting place in my life filled with overthinking and anxiety. I now hold a beautiful trust in life and am at the most peaceful and content place of my life thanks to the work we did together. I couldn’t thank her enough. On top of that, her character, integrity and how she shows up is something I truly admire and will spur truth, growth and dedication in any environment she’s placed into. Matthew, England, UK

If only tears could tell a story, I would not have to write this testimonial for what KB has done for me. The impact has been so deep that every time I think about it, I get teary-eyed. I first came in contact with KB in 2020 and did a private introductory workshop with her. I was touched and amazed at the results. I asked her if I could do The Immersion program with her. She was very careful and did her due diligence to make sure I was fit for it. I have now done The Immersion twice. It was the most challenging endeavor that I had taken for an inward journey. It took me to the darkest corners of my psyche that I could never imagine existed. I never realized that I was living a slave life, a slave of my mind’s artificially-imposed limitations and barriers, that prevented me from being my true self. Throughout the course, KB was a true guide, an angel guiding me with the loving care and attention that is needed when one is trying to come out of self-imposed restrictions. She has helped me chisel myself and bring out my true self. From the outside, I am a different and a better person than what I was. My friends and family all feel the same. Within myself, I have found a new me, it is not even me, it is a blissful place, where I slip into when the outside becomes crazy. I am forever grateful to KB for all that she has done for me! ​Ajay, New Delhi, India; New Jersey, USA

My time working with KB has been truly transformative. I reached out at a point of major transition and loss in my life but with huge dreams and goals in mind as well. KB had a remarkable way of guiding me to what I subconsciously needed simply by listening deeply, observing patterns, and reflecting my own words back to me. Every session I would come in with several loose ideas that I wanted to move from, never with any clue what takeaways I would leave with. By the end of a session, I would consistently have some sort of profound revelation I could have never anticipated. This is because KB was able to lead me through the clutter of my own thoughts and emotions to simple truths and needs that were already within me all along. I always felt she genuinely cared about guiding me towards my stated goals and let me lead, helping me feel empowered and centering my own agency in my life. It never felt prescriptive or based on her own goals, priorities, and struggles. She challenged me in a way that was always supportive and compassionate, always with my best interest and goals in mind, the kind of challenge that is essential to substantive growth. Every barrier to a goal has a deeper layer, and if you are seeking to truly get to the roots of the barriers you are facing and dig them up for good, KB is the person to guide you. I now understand KB’s approach to coaching as not simply a method to build an individual’s capacity to achieve their goals, but a method to help an individual build a new way of moving through the world. KB asked what is important, powerful, and empowering for me, and used those grounding forces I stated to help me build new self-awareness, motivators, and attitudes. I originally thought the barriers to my goals could be solved by creating a regimented step-by-step process from point A to point B, and have now learned that cultivating a new way of living and being will not only let the barriers fall away but create a more sustainable way to make and meet future goals. I know I will face challenges in my future but I feel I have the tools now to be resilient regardless of what comes my way. I strongly recommend KB for all who are ready and open to the challenge of holistic transformation and movement toward self-actualization. Maddie, Wisconsin, USA

KB is not your average coach. She will call you forward and create the space for you to go deep (even if you’re scared to go there). That fear is okay as KB holds the space for all your humanness and tears. Facing heavy and intense emotions has always been a struggle for me as I used to actively avoid them for many years as a coping mechanism. To go there, to feel, felt terrifying yet through KB’s coaching I have been able to hold myself and the emotions like I never thought was possible. As a business owner, I knew I needed to be able to build this skill and no one was better equipped to support me on that journey than KB. I feel truly seen by her and given the space to express all that I am and all that I have been in order to heal and move forward. What is not processed is present and KB creates the conditions to process like no other coach I have had. Inward Shift perfectly describes the journey KB co-creates with you and my message to you is start the journey to shifting with KB and watch the messy magic of your soul’s path unfold. Rosie, Peru; Scotland, UK

KB's coaching led me to new perspectives on my life situation and helped me to open up to new possibilities I didn't realize I was ready for, particularly as I moved through a difficult divorce and into a rich and fulfilling life beyond. Some of the most eye-opening experiences I had coaching with KB involved movement and physical perspective work (Coaching in Motion). Walking and using nature and the outdoors while coaching are powerful techniques, and she is exceptional in these areas. KB has a dynamic energy that always met me right where I was and challenged me for growth and deeper exploration when needed. I am deeply grateful for KB's ability to listen and encourage the deeper exploration and action I needed to take, to experience real results in my personal relationships and better understanding of the life-enriching communities I wanted to engage with, personally and professionally. KB is truly gifted as a personalized coach and is versatile enough to address profound personal issues, professional transitions and growth, spiritual development and how all these and other forces impact our lives. Greg, Wisconsin, USA

I know what it’s like to read reviews on everything from products to services. I’ve spent a lot of time to make sure I am making the best possible choice for myself. It can be a daunting task, and there are a multitude of options, so I want to make this as clear and concise as I can. It is hard to truly describe KB until you’ve experienced one of her sessions. What manifests can surprise you and ultimately heal you. And that’s one of the reasons why we are seeking a personal coach, isn’t it? To shed, adapt and overcome. KB has a unique ability to help you navigate into those little nooks that we try to avoid, or aren’t aware of, and supports you to penetrate and clear what is not serving you in this lifetime. And sometimes we just need a helping hand, straight up. KB’s character is trustworthy (to a T), open-minded (nothing that will surprise her), and genuine (there’s nothing phony about her). Her approach is patient (be prepared for moments of silence), thoughtful (she puts a lot of energy into her sessions to make it personalized and effective), and challenging (this is where the magic happens). She walks her own talk and her story, cosmic perspective, and relatability allow her to work with people in a way that aids them to become a more mindful and lighter human being, overall. If this is something that you want, and you’re ready to put the work in, then you’re where you need to be. Melissa, New York, USA

KB coaches with amazing insight and compassion. She reads between the lines, asks reflective and powerful questions, and invites the client to explore areas they might have been avoiding. She has expertly brought me into many epiphanies about my own behaviors, and motivations, in relation to my ideal outcomes. Even when I tried to gloss over some subjects, she would guide me back and ask me to sit with the subject. She helped me realize some boundary issues and helped me validate parts of my coaching journey that had received criticism from others. She is one of the least judgmental people I have ever met and her attention to detail is well honed. I feel she would be an asset to anyone’s experience, may it be personal or professional. Stacey, Nevada, USA

KB has helped me to explore and understand more of how my spirituality and values affect and influence my energy and enthusiasm in making progress. She is great at gently challenging how I process things, both internally and externally, and how to use these insights to make easier progress in various aspects of my life & understanding myself. This has helped me to be kinder to myself as I work on making personal and professional changes, which has relieved a lot of the feelings of friction and resistance along the way. I believe anyone who is struggling to understand themselves, their perspectives, and how to apply these insights to their lives will benefit from KB's kind, yet challenging, coaching. Jeff, New York, USA

KB offers a unique coaching experience and she is kind, thoughtful and an incredible listener. I experienced 3 sessions and was truly surprised by the results. I felt heard and safe, and at the end of each session, I could sense an internal shift. She genuinely cares and is a wise soul, offering support and invaluable, personalized feedback. Consider working with KB a gift to yourself! Ana, New York, USA

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