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Finish Your Business™

1:1 or Group Workshop

  • 2 hours
  • From 50 US dollars


We have all met at least one person who lives with regret or frustration about what could have been or should have been, but wasn't. Or who left this world still feeling incomplete. It's something that leaves a heavy impression on us, or maybe concerned that we could end up the same. ************************ The sobering reality is that most of us are walking amongst each other from a state of discontent. Whether it's subdued or pronounced. But we don't always want to take a long hard look in the mirror to resolve this. If we did, we'd be told that there are a number of learning, healing, & growth opportunities we missed or continue to ignore. Things essential for both our personal and collective human journey. Things that immediately let us breathe with a sigh of relief when completed. And that allow us to conclude our experience on earth with a sense of fulfillment for what we did experience, rather than disappointment for what we didn't. ************************ This 2 hour workshop is great for 1:1 or group settings. It offers you the opportunity to look inward and identify what needs your attention *most* right now -- the top significant life priorities that got brushed aside or went overlooked. A.K.A. your ‘Unfinished Business'. It might come as a reminder or a complete surprise, but it's essential for you to keep at the forefront either way. ************************ A visual presentation is used with built in exercises that allow you to connect more with your self, learn about burdens and healthy risks, identify top values, and recognize what energizes and drains you. Privates also have an option to add 1 hour of coaching to explore your insights further too. You will leave with a plan for what to focus on going forward and receive several email follow-ups after the workshop. The overall aim is to bring you closer to that moment where you no longer feel there's anything else missing. ************************ Pricing is based on a sliding scale honor system: if you have the total workshop fee, which is $100 USD, you can pay it by selecting the 'Full Pay' option from the dropdown; and if not, you can pay what you can by selecting one of the 'Custom Pay' options (ranges from $50-$75 USD). Note: Don't be shy if you need to custom pay. I've used this kind of option with others as well. Our finances fluctuate and all currencies are not equal. Nothing changes with the duration or quality of service. It just makes coaching more accessible.

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