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About Me

As a kid, I was exposed to many historical figures. The ones that stood out were those that investigated this world by traveling, those who were determined to break through the internal barriers and stereotypes that were placed before them, and those who embraced nature in their cultures. Today, they all contribute to what is brought to my sessions and my day to day – a willingness to explore, challenge perceived limits, and understand our relationship with the cosmos.

Educational Background: Ashtanga yoga practitioner; Certified Deep Transformational Coach; Certified Professional Life Coach, with ACC from ICFM.S. + 30 in applied psychology, with a concentration in school psychology; B.A. in psychology. All colleges/universities/institutions are accredited, with accredited programs by their respective regional, national and/or international governing associations. Up and coming: PCC credential anticipated October 2023.

About Me: Inner_about
About Me: Inner_about

At the Current Juncture:


Hailing from New York in the Americas, lockdown made India home in 2020 and 2021. 

A most wonderful blend of East meets West. 



The learning and growth opportunities in each region are numerous and diverse. And it is from a combination of their respective perspectives and lifestyles that clients will meet me. 



This particular moment in time marks another significant period of change for me. Watching the journey unfold has been really neat and my intensity and creativity is amplifying.

For those wanting to jump on this train for a stint....



Welcome to Inward Shift Coaching. 





Brief story behind a few terms here:




 Inward Shift


Everything in existence is constantly in motion, constantly changing. Inward Shift represents the small and subtle inner movements that regularly take place within our mind and body as we broaden our perspectives and adjust our conduct.



We tend to view change as something that has to be huge, involved, and maybe overwhelming or something to resist. Or that it has a limit and we’re done. But this isn’t so. There is a gentleness and manageability to change as well. And it seems to be quite infinite.



This name was selected to give a sense of ease and approachability to change. 

That small inward shifts can add up to create sizable personal transformations. 

And that this work focuses on the importance of looking inward in order to build 

a stronger foundation for your performance, relationships, and connection with self. 





Change the Script:


We like to tell stories. The same ones. Over and over. For years on end. 

Sometimes to ourselves, sometimes to others. There are stories that help us progress, 

but there are also stories that greatly hinder us. 



Change the Script represents the practice of rewriting those stories that are ultimately self-defeating and limiting. Or perhaps just stale and not as effective anymore. It requires a willingness and curiosity to see what else is available to us. This involves perspective-shifting. 



This phrase was selected as a title for the workshops to imply taking responsibility for revising your life’s story. A call to partake in your individual evolution. It is also listed as one of the five profiles of the niche set for this introspective coaching. 



The Selected Niche Set


Coaches, Leaders, Innovators, Seekers, and Those Ready to Change the Script. 

This niche is about compatible traits and societal impact, not field of work.   



Facilitators of personal, professional, social, creative, and spiritual growth.

Pioneers and overseers of the home, school, work, community, and global arenas.

Creators of art, products, ideas, movements, businesses, and citizens-in-the-making.

Those attempting to find and share truth, knowledge, neutrality, and spirituality at all costs. 

Anyone receptive and prepared to change and mature, no matter their current standing.



Recognizing that a person has a limited lifespan and cannot do everything or be everywhere at once, these profiles allow me to work with those that impact a larger audience. To assist in their recharging and rejuvenating so they can more suitably and effectively play their roles. To help further their insights so they can guide themselves and others with more heart and regard. 



In other words: add more depth to their power and thoughtfulness to their actions.



For my personal Change the Script story, click here

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