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Coaching in Motion

Outdoor session; check state location first

  • 2 hr
  • From 100 US dollars


Coaching in Motion is a creative and fun way to partner with a coach. It's all the great things that an online/indoor session offers (in the service titled Transformation Session, so read about that one too). But since we're outside here, nature participates with us to maximize the insights and effects, and reminds us of the big-big picture and our interconnectedness. ***** This 2 hour in-person session is very fluid in its approach and involves strolling, sitting, reflecting, and learning. We acknowledge and incorporate the sights, sounds, smells, and different locations we stumble upon to allow for a richer personal experience that shapes the session in a really neat way. ***** Inquire about my location first before booking. Currently available in USA only. Typically Schoharie, New York and Hilton Head, South Carolina (or those willing to travel to NY or SC) ***** Pricing is based on a sliding scale honor system: if you have the total session fee, which is $200 USD, you can pay it by selecting the 'Full Pay' option from the dropdown; and if not, you can pay what you can by selecting one of the 'Custom Pay' options (ranges from $100-$150 USD). Note: Don't be shy if you need to custom pay. I've used this kind of option with others as well. Our finances fluctuate and all currencies are not equal. Nothing changes with the duration or quality of service. It just makes coaching more accessible. ***************

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