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Third Base: The Plunge

4 month package; 30 hours

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Service Description

* We take a much longer and thorough trek toward the subtleties and root aspects of what shapes you. And how you can use this inner intelligence to propel you toward your next set of perspectives, ideas, values, and aspirations. *************** * A four month package that consists of 14 private coaching sessions: 12 weekly for 2 hours each, plus one preliminary and one follow-up session for three hours each. Customized challenges and unlimited email/as-needed phone support are included. *************** * Cannot be automatically booked. Must have had at least one session for us to determine need, suitability, and compatibility. A bi-weekly “Serling Plunge Lite" package is also available. See FAQ for more important details and components. *************** * Fun Fact: this package is also referred to as the Serling Plunge, as an homage to the creator of the Twilight Zone, Rod Serling. *************** * For those who want to be challenged more and who value a fine-tuning service because they don’t want to leave any stone (or story) unturned. No matter how successful they might already be. And no matter how uncomfortable it might be to face lingering shortcomings. *************** * Folks who know that the possibility of becoming stagnant or subtly phony is always present. And that these traits not only adversely affect their own development, but also the mindsets, behaviors, and actions of the people they are responsible to. *************** * Those who understand that even maximum prosperity will still leave them with a nagging sense of being unfulfilled without continuously and vulnerably looking inward. And maybe most importantly, they understand that perpetually growing — both personally and professionally — is the greatest gift to everyone who surrounds them. ***************

Upcoming Sessions

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