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Food for thought: are you looking for... * A quick fix or legit fix? * Cookie cutter or tailored? * No effort or suitably challenging? * Addressing problems or the person? * Seeking others’ intelligence or your own inner intelligence? This coaching focuses on getting to the root, not putting on a band-aid. It brings attention to the things you’re daydreaming or talking about, but not living. And it allows your “essence” to guide and do the speaking. Ultimately, a new way of being and doing naturally starts to emerge. ************************************************************************************** * Note: You can mix service options any way you choose and you can renew any of them. Everything is tailored to the individual so customized packages are available too. *************** The main difference between each Base is duration and intensity. If you start with First or Second Base, your initial session will be 2 hours; the remaining ones would be 75min. *************** Standalone Totals: Meet and Greet = 1 hour First Base = 1 hour, 15 min Second Base = 7.5 hours Third Base = 30 hours Home Run = 60-180 hours Coaching in Motion = 2 hours Private workshop with add-on = 8.5 hours ************************************************************************************** The Selected Niche Set: ------------------------------- *Coaches: You work with others so they become aware of their self-defeating pitfalls and capabilities, and help them reach goals and move into a way of being they might not otherwise achieve on their own. You’re committed to explore your self deeper than you ask of others. *************** *Leaders: You oversee the actions and well-being of those under your guidance. You’re committed to recharge and strengthen so you can balance the substantial weight you hold. *************** *Innovators: You not only have plenty of ideas, you put them into action and watch them come to life. You’re committed to know more about your self so you can deepen your craft. *************** *Seekers: You persevere and are in search of what’s beyond our current understanding or standard practice. You’re committed to leaving no stone unturned. *************** *Those ready to Change the Script: You don’t just *want* to get out of your comfort zone, you’re *ready* to. You’re committed to steady your mind, embrace new habits, and alter your current trajectory. ***************

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