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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

The definition can vary depending on who you ask and the kind of coaching
In here, generally speaking: it is a collaborative partnership to learn more about who you really are and how you think. So your stories, excuses, habits, and truer essence can be seen, your outlook changes, and capabilities are strengthened. This is useful to allow for personal, professional, social, creative, and spiritual growth. 

No matter our stage, we can lie to ourselves and others with the limiting beliefs and stories we create and hold on to. This prevents us from seeing additional perspectives and ways to navigate the world, our interactions, and our work. Coaching naturally shines a light on these mental constructs we operate under. This brings further insight to what is holding us back from living our priorities and values, or amplifying them. 

An example: an athletic coach works attentively with an athlete so they become aware of both their self-defeating pitfalls and capabilities. This enables them to move into a new way of being and reach goals they might not otherwise achieve on their own. In this sense, it is similar here. 

How would you describe your coaching and what can I expect?

I’m the co-pilot to your pilot and the detective to your inner mystery. So you're treated as the expert as you navigate us, while I play a supportive and highly inquisitive role to assist in your insight-gathering. Active and Sacred is the general feel. I can be vivacious and verbally involved at times with thought-provoking questions and proposals for how we might explore a topic, while also holding a safe and nurturing space through the use of silence. Some humor and healthy chuckling can periodically steal the scene as well.



A figurative mirror is often held up so you can reflect on something you said, gestured, or intoned. I will also share impressions from reading in between the lines. My speech is straightforward and sometimes blunt. So if you are used to others agreeing with you, beating around the bush and sugar coating, or only telling you what you want to hear, this style might be refreshing. From client feedback, it's helpful to hear what isn’t often being said so you can refine both overt and covert aspects of your life. Which is a main objective in coaching that folks want support with.


My energy is devoted to only 1-3 long-term clients at any one time (i.e. “Plunge”/“Immersion”). So you will experience being a top priority. Autonomy and self-sufficiency are always encouraged and fostered. This is so co-dependent behaviors don't limit the progress and parameters of your well-being and character. Imaginative, empowering, propelling, spiritual, introspective, healing, grounding, and challenging are some keywords that relate to this coaching. No matter what you come to coaching for, you connect with the subtleties of what’s taking place under your surface. In time, this lets you move beyond their influence to allow your next stage of being and doing to take shape. Within each of us is an intricate labyrinth and I stand by your side as you navigate through your terrain. 


What sets you apart as a coach?

  • Mirroring: reflecting your patterns and nuances back to you.

  • Presence: attentiveness, personalization, and a robust demeanor will be felt. 

  • Yoga: my own inner work is top priority. Yogic teachings and practices ground and refine me.

  • Challenges: relevant to your goals, they allow you to walk your talk; the intensity level is up to you. 

  • Psychology background: there is an elevated respect and regard for the mind and its complexities.

  • Interconnectedness: nature & the universe filter into our sessions; it’s a reminder of the big-big-picture. 

  • Solitude: Most time is spent alone, in quiet. Looking inward, recharging. You meet with me from this state.

  • Reverence for inner wisdom: you have answers and astuteness, bottomline. A coach just guides you there.


Can you sum up the structure of your coaching services?

You have several options:

  • Single session

  • Package of six

  • Serling Plunge (see FAQ below)

  • The Immersion (see Services page)

  • Coaching in Motion session (in-person and outdoors)

  • Group or private workshop (with an option to add donation-based private sessions)


Creativity with service options might also happen on the spot, based on what someone might need; everything is tailored to the individual so customized packages are available too. Note: a free 60 minute "meet-and-greet" (online call) can be scheduled prior to your first booking if you'd like to ask questions and get a feel for demeanor. Use the Services tab to book this. 


What is Coaching in Motion?

Coaching in Motion is a creative and fun way to partner with a coach. It's all the great things that regular coaching offers, but nature participates with us here so the insights and effects are maximized. Think of how you feel when you're in front of a screen or four walls all day...versus...when you’re in front of the ocean or fire, on a path in the woods, or at your favorite park.


It's a 2 hour, in-person and outdoors session that involves strolling, sitting, reflecting, and perspective-shifting. We acknowledge and incorporate the sights, sounds, smells, and different locations we stumble upon to allow for a richer sensory and personal experience to shape the session in a really neat way. From client feedback, this can lead you to making greater discoveries that impact your life. 


For those interested in a novel and explorative activity where you can get out of the house and learn more about your self, this is a try-at-least-once kind of thing. Note: Look for my current location before booking these sessions (click on Coaching in Motion icon under Services tab).


How does the Serling Plunge work?

This package is a four month commitment and consists of 14 private coaching sessions: 12 weekly for 2 hours each, plus one preliminary and one follow-up session for three hours each. Customized challenges are co-created each week that further your insights and pledge to take action toward your goals. Also included in between sessions are unlimited email correspondence and multiple 20 minute phone check-ins (as needed). For those times when something unexpected arises. Essentially, you have consistent and tailored support at hand. A bi-weekly “Serling Plunge Lite" package is also available.


We work together to more rigorously uncover and explore anything that is interfering with your goal. Whether it’s material or immaterial. This is relevant to living the life that is most meaningful, rewarding, and pleasurably challenging to you at the current juncture. We start with where you’re presently at and aim for where you’d like to head; the past might occasionally make an appearance since everything is interconnected, but coaching doesn't remain in the past. The greater the receptivity and effort, the greater the results. A check-in takes place toward the end to determine if another round is suitable or if you feel completion has been met.


Note: At least one single session is required first to determine need and compatibility before purchasing this package. If interested, use the homepage contact form.


Ideal profile for long-term partnership*:

  • ​Has the yearning to break all self-imposed limits

  • Fully committed to coaching partnership and their development 

  • Won’t settle for less than what they know they have access to within

  • Wants to be challenged to take healthy risks and values a support system to allow for it

  • Has an adventurer’s mindset to view coaching as a fun, exploratory game...and an artist’s mindset to create a brave new world on a blank canvas

This would be most suitable for, but not limited to: those with an innovative, seeking, or enterprising nature.

And anyone wanting to go beyond their comfort zone and challenge their capabilities.

*The Single sessions, Coaching in Motion, and Workshop sessions are different, in that they're short-term and offered to be accessible by anyone. For long-term partnership (i.e. Serling Plunge), having a similar profile to the above lets us make the most efficient use of the time we have together because we’d be in sync and raring to go.


Do you offer single coaching sessions?

Yes. They are standardly 75 minutes, but the initial time we meet is 120 minutes. Click on the Services tab.

I’ve attended a workshop and am interested in private sessions. What next?

If you're still within 2 months of your workshop date, make use of the optional discounted "add-on" offer you received. If you already used this, or are past the 2 months and have not used it, then you can book any service listed above, with the exception of The Immersion and The Serling Plunge (see its FAQ "note" above). 

I live outside of the United States. Can I receive coaching?

Absolutely. Zoom is used for online sessions. It's a free meeting platform that you can use with phone or computer.

Do you have a mailing list I can be put on?

To receive updates on events and new happenings, submit the form at the bottom of the home page with request.

I'd like to schedule one of your Change the Script™ workshops at my retreat/venue/company/school. What is the protocol for booking?


Use the contact form on the homepage. Include your name, city/state/country, business/organization/school, preferred date, how many people, and who the workshop is for (i.e. women, men, both, students, et cetera). Someone will get back to you within 72 hours to gather more details and determine the next steps. 

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