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Sat, Mar 23


Reflections, Center for Conscious Living

Change the Script™ Women's Workshop

A coach brings you to the very edge of your comfort zone, lets you have a glimpse of what might be on the other side, then encourages you to step into the unknown. #Discoveryourgreatness #InwardShiftCoaching

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Change the Script™ Women's Workshop
Change the Script™ Women's Workshop

Time & Location

Mar 23, 2019, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Reflections, Center for Conscious Living, 227 E 24th St, New York, NY 10010, USA (1 mile from Penn Station)

About The Event

Values + Beliefs + Habits + Perspectives = Lifestyle

Food for thought: What don’t you know about your self yet? If even just one new thing was revealed to you in this worksop, what transformative value might it add to your life, career, and relationships? And how would you Change the Script?

This particular Change the Script™ workshop is for women and offers two options: the 5-hour workshop only (with lunch provided) or the 5-hour workshop + 2 private coaching sessions (to be scheduled after booking). For the "workshop only" option, the two sessions can also be added on at the discounted rate below for up to six months after the event if you'd like to extend the work we start that day. See the bottom of this event description for a bulleted list of who this workshop could benefit. If you'd like to schedule a call to discuss this further and see how it might be a fit for you, submit this request using the contact form on the homepage. That's also the easiest way for you to get a feel for who I am so you can finalize your decision.

The workshop offers an opportunity to:

  • slow things down
  • check-in and (re)connect with your self at this stage of your life
  • focus on your well-being, which allows for more fluidity and balance
  • leave with more insight to who you are and what you really long for underneath it all

For many of us, life has an uncanny ability to sweep us up in its rapid pace, whether it be with projects, technology, family matters, school work, or career goals. And sometimes you just need an excuse to hit the pause button to listen in and see what you’ve been overlooking, so you know more of how to authentically proceed in accordance to your values. That’s what this is all about.

On a micro level, the workshop will have a discussion around:

  • the connections between our priorities and values...
  • the stories and beliefs we maintain...
  • the habits and patterns we keep...
  • and our perspectives
  • and how being aware of all this and making incremental changes can bring us closer to the goals we have and the lifestyle or conduct we really want

Each segment also has practical exercises built in that will allow you to identify your own set of views and objectives, so that you can leave with some tools and thought-provoking questions to reference as you work toward your personal visions. The exercise portions (and private sessions) require thinking about your self and how you operate, and then jotting down some things that might come to mind. This work enables you to make connection with your inner voice, so that you can more easily navigate your options and strengthen your direction.

The private coaching sessions can be about anything you’d like.

You might:

  • want clarity surrounding an issue
  • have a particular goal you’d like to get underway
  • show up with nothing in mind to see what unfolds that day
  • further explore what you uncovered during the workshop

Anything goes. With the full package option, these 9 hours are dedicated to your self-discovery and nourishment, no matter what topic or priority you want to work on.

On a macro scale, this workshop relates to, but is not limited to:

  • self-reflection
  • self-care
  • self-confidence
  • furthering your potential beyond what you think is possible, no matter what successes you may already have under your belt

Being human means all of us are subjected to distractions, expectations, obligations, judgments, and insecurities. All of which can add invisible layers upon us that either leave us feeling hindered, burdened, or living the vision and roles others have for us rather than the ones we want for our selves. This event was designed to bring more awareness to these ego-based sidetracks so you can start to release your self from their grip, and be able to step into the ultimate version of your self. If you value knowing your inner voice, invest in this opportunity to Change the Script and go beyond your comfort zone to create unimaginable realities.

Some examples of the types of women this workshop is suited for:

  • is ready to quit making excuses and voyage deeper for their personal growth (a must)
  • has strength and love, but gives more of it to others than themselves
  • is burnt out from depleting their “tank” and seldom refilling it
  • lacks confidence but has so much potential they don’t yet see
  • feels stuck but still has the drive to find a way to move forward
  • doesn’t know how to identify their fuller skillset and/or put it to use
  • is confused about their current direction and unsure of what’s next
  • doubts their capabilities even though they have a track record of success
  • wants to learn how to flip their perspectives so they can expand their options
  • just wants to have fun and further explore the additional possibilities that life has in store
  • has been living life through the lens that others have of them instead of through their own
  • is settling for less and becoming the person they never wanted to see themselves as
  • wants to be more clear-headed so they can get the results they’ve been daydreaming about…for years

One is plenty. But if you can check off 3 or more, then this workshop is definitely for you...and that friend/kin of yours that also fits the bill, so bring them along. smiles #ChangetheScript


  • The “about me (extended)” tab outlines one of my personal Change the Script stories as a continuation of this.
  • Click on the “Event Backstory” button above to read even more about the workshop and how it came to be in an article written exclusively for Women For One

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**Terms of agreement**

1. There are no refunds for anything you book. You’re 100% in and fully committed. Only book when you're ready.


2. All coaching hours are logged for certification. The International Coaching Federation would receive your first name and email only in the event of an audit. Where they may reach out to you just to confirm our sessions.

  • By registering or clicking Donate/Pay Now/Book It, or scheduling a meeting otherwise, you are saying you acknowledge and accept these terms. And have read the “Important Information” link above. 

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