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Time is TBD


Location is Zoom

Change the Script™ Private Workshop

When was the last time you took a genuine, steady look at your self? The kind where you acknowledge your priorities, limiting views, excuses, and grit to do something about it.

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Change the Script™ Private Workshop
Change the Script™ Private Workshop

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is Zoom

About The Event

About the Coach

KB previously worked as a psychologist in the schools (Pre-K to 12) and blends an applied psychology background with a coaching approach that is insightful, healing, and propelling. 

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Food for thought: What don’t you know about your self yet? If even just one new thing was revealed to you in this workshop, what transformative value might it add to your life, career, and relationships? And how would you Change the Script? 

Values + Beliefs + Habits + Perspectives = Lifestyle

The Logistics: Important Information - Click to Read

  • 3 hour Private Workshop for $250. **Click on link directly above.**
  • Optional add-on for a package of 3 private sessions after the workshop (donation only).**
  • Add-on must be used within 2 months of workshop.
  • Sessions use Zoom via computer or phone.
  • Click on the “meet and greet” link below to schedule a free call to discuss this further and see how it might be a fit for you. This is the easiest way for you to learn more and finalize your decision.

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The Importance Behind this Workshop

It's no secret that life has an uncanny ability to sweep us up in a rapid pace and side-track us. Whether it be with projects, technology, family matters, school work, career goals, or global affairs. Sometimes we can get so caught up that we begin to overlook things about our self — major things even. 

Our personal values become compromised, or we might feel depleted, hindered, burdened, or unfulfilled. Add the fact that we’re also constantly subjected to distractions, expectations, obligations, judgments, and insecurities. Now ask: How is this not a recipe for being too stressed (even when we don't realize it)?

The cost of falling victim to this? 

You grow increasingly disconnected from the extraordinary inner intelligence we all have to navigate life skillfully and healthily. It gets covered up and forgotten. Think of it like being lost in the woods without the most exceptional compass (or phone service) you can possibly have. Sure, you might be able to get around okay for a while (or not). But how effectively and efficiently and what's the personal price? 

Sit back and think: What costs have you paid so far? What is still incomplete? This workshop is a much needed pause button that offers you the time, space, and support to turn your attention inward and connect more with the personal intricacies you've neglected or are unaware of. Bottomline: What good are all our aspirations and efforts without enough inner knowledge and strength?

On a micro level, the workshop will have discussions and exercises around:

  • the connection between our priorities and values...
  • the stories and limiting beliefs we maintain...
  • the habits and patterns we keep...
  • and our perspectives
  • and how being aware of all this and making incremental changes can bring us closer to the goals we have and the lifestyle or conduct we really want at each stage of life

The private add-on sessions can be about anything you’d like. You might:

  • want clarity surrounding an issue
  • have a particular goal you’d like to get underway
  • further explore what you uncovered during the workshop
  • show up with nothing in mind to see what unfolds that day

Some examples of who this workshop might be suited for (but not limited to)

  • wants to have fun and explore other possibilities 
  • is burnt out from depleting their “tank” and seldom refilling it
  • lacks confidence but has so much potential they don’t yet see 
  • has strength and love, but gives more of it to others than themselves 
  • is ready to quit making excuses for the benefit of their personal growth 
  • wants to learn how to flip their perspectives so they can expand their options
  • feels stuck or is confused about their current direction and unsure of what’s next 
  • wants more clear-headedness to get the results they’ve been daydreaming about 
  • is settling for less and becoming the person they never wanted to see themselves as

*A coach brings you to the very edge of your comfort zone, lets you have a glimpse of what might be on the other side, then encourages you to step into the unknown.* 

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**Terms of agreement**

1. There are no refunds for anything you book. You’re 100% in and fully committed. Only book when you're ready.


2. All coaching hours are logged for certification. The International Coaching Federation would receive your first name and email only in the event of an audit. Where they may reach out to you just to confirm our sessions.

  • By registering or clicking Donate/Pay Now/Book It, or scheduling a meeting otherwise, you are saying you acknowledge and accept these terms. And have read the “Important Information” link above. 

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