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Date and Time TBD


Zoom - free online meeting platform

Change the Script: Get clear-headed, Get results (student workshop)

High schoolers in need of direction/confidence

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Change the Script: Get clear-headed, Get results (student workshop)
Change the Script: Get clear-headed, Get results (student workshop)

Time & Location

Date and Time TBD

Zoom - free online meeting platform

About The Event

What: Change the Script: Get clear-headed, Get results (student workshop) 

Host: KB, personalized coach, and former school psychologis

Who: High schoolers in need of direction/confidence

Where: Zoom - free online meeting platform


Parents, schools, and communities prepare and encourage students to be educated, responsible, and

productive members of diverse societies. One where learning is continuous.

Through personal development — a lifelong process of learning — we increase our understanding and

responsibility for what we think, say, and do, and their outcomes. This workshop focuses on exactly that.

It contributes to a student’s sense of feeling capable and allows them to envision a pathway that leads to

maturity, success, and fulfillment.


Workshop Summary:

Change the Script: Get clear-headed, Get results is a 4 hour private (or group) workshop that is

motivational, inspirational, and practical. It uses a straight-talk, but also nurturing, approach which

teenagers crave most. Students are asked thought-provoking questions and we have exercises and

discussions that show a connection between how they think and behave and their outcomes and well-

being in life (or lack thereof). They start to develop more awareness and appreciation of themselves as

being a complex, but competent person. This strengthens their trust and confidence in their ability to

overcome difficulties anywhere, anytime.


What it can help with: self-advocacy, leadership, critical-thinking, well-being, confidence, openness to

new perspectives and taking learning risks, decision-making, motivation, problem-solving,

independence, personal development (mental, emotional, attitudinal, etc.)


What makes this opportunity different:

• It’s one-on-one and personalized — students can see the application to their own life

• Students are encouraged to think for themselves, not submit to a new doctrine

• The focus is on the student and their potential going forward, not their past

• Practical exercises and tools are utilized 

• Having an education and psychology background and a relaxed and open demeanor allows for natural

rapport. It encourages a safe space for students to voice any doubts, concerns, fears, hopes, needs,



On a macro scale it relates to, but is not limited to: 

• Mental health

• Realizing additional potential

• Improving the quality of choices made

• Forward thinking, not being stuck in the past

• Self-reflection, Self-respect, Self-responsibility, Self-empowerment

On a micro scale it relates to, but is not limited to:

• Values and priorities

• Limiting beliefs and habits

• Adjusting perspectives to allow for more opportunities and success in life —> when you see things

from a different lens, your whole world expands and its possibilities change


Bottomline: When people feel well and have more clarity about who they are, what they need, what

they’re capable of, and where they’d like to head, their focus and determination improves and they start

to make more suitable choices that affect their personal life and those around them. High schoolers in

particular are being called upon to mature and they feel the pressure of making hard choices about the

direction of their life. This workshop helps them to prepare their own minds and resiliency for the

rollercoaster ride that is adulthood. Get clear-headed and Get results.

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